Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss: A Dietitian’s Top Tips for Success

January 2, 2024by One Elephant

Kick off the new year with a must-attend webinar from a Registered Dietitian all about sustainable weight loss. Learn the top tips from a professional on how to adjust your diet to support weight loss, and the most important nutrients that you need to achieve your weight goals.

Join Registered Dietitian, Ada Duperrouzel, on January 17th at 12:00 PM EST where she will discussing her top tips for sustainable weight loss in 2024.

Sign up for this webinar if you would like to: 

    • Learn which protein-containing foods support satiety and metabolism.
    • Embrace the benefits of and practical tools for boosting fiber in your diet to support satiety and digestive health.
    • Find practical and sustainable solutions for incorporating movement into your daily routine.

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