When You’re Stressed

June 27, 2023by One Elephant

Article written by Registered Psychotherapist, Sim Shergill, at One Elephant in Oakville Ontario.

Our daily habits make up a large percentage of our behaviours. Small changes to these habits can have an effect on our stress levels.

Instead of stress management being one more large task, we can break it up into completing stress reducing behaviours throughout our days. As a habit.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t drink much water. Coffee, yes. Water? Working on it.

Water has natural properties that have a calming effect on the body. It’s a natural pain reducer by reducing inflammation.

Being in nature only takes a few minutes before cortisol, the stress hormone, begins to decrease. Doctors have actually been prescribing time in nature (interesting) with passes to Ontario parks💕

Cleaning up a space or part of your home or the entire home helps to release dopamine as your brain is rewarded with each step that’s completed in the cleaning process. You don’t have to do it all. A little corner will release some dopamine! Dopamine is involved with our sense of reward and feeling good.

Deep breathing is your telephone line to your emotional brain, telling it to calm down which helps us to think clearly and objectively.

All of these take a few minutes to start and maintain each day. And once it’s a habit, it’s helping us prevent the impact of stress. We know we will feel stress as we carry on with life and its experiences; and we can protect our brains and bodies from the impact of stress.

Ok thanks bye I’m gonna go drink some water. Why don’t you join me?


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